Remote Shootings (F. A. Q.)

Dear Photographers!

I'm open to remote shootings. Since last year, my assistant and I have been working in this direction and have achieved significant success in this matter.

What kind of equipment do you use for remote shooting?

I use a Sony A7RII camera and lenses as known as:

  • Zeiss lens 24-70mm F4
  • Sigma lens 85 mm F 1.4
  • Sony lens 35 mm F 1.8

Also in my arsenal there are flashes, reflectors and fabric backgrounds.

I work with my assistant. He is a professional photographer. There is his website Michael GR Photographer

What genres do you work in?

I work in the genres of portrait, lingerie, artistic nudе

Are you working on a paid basis or a TFP ?

I work exclusively on a paid basis. I am not interested in TFP projects of any kind. Modeling is my main job. Like any professional, I value my time and ask for payment for it.

How is remote shooting going?

First, we are calling you through the Zoom App. Next, I give you access to my computer and you can manage it. After that, I open the Remote App.

This is Remote App:


Through this application, you can take photos, change some exposure settings such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed.
This is how looks remote window:


The Live View screen A and the operation panel B are displayed in the Remote window.

The Live View screen shows the current view of the camera (or movie being shot).

The operation panel provides basic shooting settings such as exposure and image quality. The settings will apply to the camera immediately.

Shooting panel

My shooting panel is slightly different from the one presented. You only need two buttons to take photos:

  • A is a shutter button
  • C is an AF button.

A Shutter button - Click this button to shoot still images.
C AF button - Click this button to use autofocus. The camera automatically focuses on the subject. This function is the same as when you press the camera's shutter button halfway down.

You don't need the other buttons to take photos. You should only use the A and C buttons


All photos will be available for viewing during the shooting. To do this, I create a special folder on my desktop. At any time, you can ask to show the photos that are obtained and I will be happy to show them to you. Regarding communication methods. In addition to the Zoom App, I also use Anydesk in conjunction with Facebook call. In the case of Аnydesk, you will need a special code that I will send you during our dialogue.

What applications do I need for remote shooting?

You need to download Zoom or Anydesk:


What locations do you work at?

I work in professional photo studios equipped with professional equipment and having an exclusive design.
The list of locations is extensive. If you are interested, I send you a list of locations in a personal message.
Please note that locations are paid separately. The price of the location depends on the options that you choose additionally, on the amount of rented time and on the location itself. Based on your preferences and finances, we can choose with you a more suitable location for the price and internal components. Without paying for the location, shooting is possible in my apartment.

How can I get photos after shooting?

I send all the photos after the shooting via the Dropbox the day after the shooting or the next morning.
I send photos in the original size and in raw format.

Are you signing a model release ?

If necessary, I can sign a model release

What is the cost of shooting?

The cost of shooting depends on the genre, complexity and for what purposes this shooting is carried out (for amateur purposes or commercial)

What does remote shooting include?

Remote shooting includes

  • my work as a model
  • professional makeup and styling
  • my assistant's job

Why do you need an assistant?

My assistant is one of the main components of this work. The whole shooting depends on it. He prepares the location and equipment for shooting.


  • places the light correctly and sets its correct values adjusts the camera and changes the lenses if necessary.
  • changes the shooting angle and changes the position of the tripod if necessary.
  • provides technical support all the time of remote shooting.

The photographer on the other side of the screen cannot see everything as it is seen in real life.

Therefore, he is my and your eyes and ears in this process 😁

How can I pay for the shooting?

You can pay for the shooting electronically. I will send you the payment details in personal messages.

You can make a payment for the shooting directly to my bank account.

Do you charge a prepayment for the reservation?

Yes, I work on a 50% prepayment and 50% after. Shooting without prepayment is not possible.

How can I book a remote shooting with you ?

You can book a remote shooting with me by writing me a personal message in one of the social networks or contact me via a special form on the website

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me 😁
You can send me a personal message via the feedback form on the website.

Do you have pages in social networks?

Yes, I have pages in social networks:
Facebook(first main page)
Facebook (second one)
My public page on Facebook

Here I share my exclusive photos and videos for my fans:


Some samples of the photos from remote shootings:



Good nightBook

Taking a BathBook

Here you can see how it works: