Personal Shooting Conditions (F.A.Q.)

Dear Photographers!

Here are published frequently asked questions regarding personal shooting with me.

How did you get into modeling and what kind of work experience do you have?

I have started my modeling career with portrait and life style photoshoots.

Slowly gaining experience and replenishing my portfolio, I decided to go further, as photography fascinated me.

After a while, I switched to lingerie and artistic nude shootings and already began to developed in these directions.

My experience as a model is already 10 years.
I have done a lot of shootings for magazines and book publications. I also took participacions in workshops, catalogues and calendars. My works have been exhibited at exhibitions. You can see some of them at this link.

What genres are you working in now?

Now I work in the genres portrait, lingerie and artistic nude.

Do you have any experience working in video?

Yes, I have experience in video shooting too.

You can see some examples on the website or just proceed to the page.

How much does it cost to organize a photo shoot with you?

The cost of a photo shoot depends of the genre, the number of hours of shooting and for what purposes you are taking photos. Explanation: for commercial use or for amateur use. You send me a moodboard and a description of what you want to shoot.

Please note that the transport costs to the shooting location are paid by the photographer.

The same applies to clinical PCR-testing for coronavirus infection.
If you want to conduct clinical PCR-testing or rapid testing for coronavirus before shooting, please let me know in advance. There are a lot of testing systems and some of them require special training. It is also an additional time that we need to allocate before shooting. In the case of any of the tests, I will also need to see your freshly completed result. That is, you do the test with me together at the location at the same time.
I follow the rules of hygiene and social distancing during all filming. Periodically, I take temperature measurements and do rapid tests to exclude the possibility of infection.

Do you have pages in social networks?

Yes, I have pages in social networks:
Facebook (first main page)
Facebook (second one)
My public page on Facebook

Here I share my exclusive photos and videos for my fans:


Do you work under the terms of the TFP?

I do not work on the terms of the TFP and consider only commercial offers.

Do you shoot in genres higher than nude?

I am working in the genres that I have listed above. I am not interested in erotic shooting even if the payment is higher.

I am shoot in what I am comfortable and interesting to work in first of all.

Do you provide es cort services?

Periodically, I received messages of this type. I do not provide es cort services.

What is included in taking photo shooting with you?

My work includes:

  • professional posing
  • professional makeup
  • clothing or underwear suitable for shooting

Can you sign a model release?

Yes, I can sign a model release.

How can I book a photo shoot with you?

You can book a photo shoot with me by writing a personal message in one of the social networks or by leaving your message through the contact form on the website.

About payment

I expect to be paid in cash on the day of the shooting at the previously agreed price.
I will not make changes on the day.
I do not able to accept bank payments or payments by Bank transfer.
I will have accepted cash.
Please, bring the correct amount ready before the shooting begins.

Cancellation policy

Because of unpleasant experiences in the past I have started a new cancellation policy. I hope you will read this before planning a photoshoot with me. If you cancel our shoot within 10 days before the shoot ( include bookings before 1 day), I have to ask a cancellation fee. Payment for the cancellation of the reservation is made directly to my bank account.
The exact amount will vary depending on the circumstances. In such a short time it is not possible to find another photographer and arrange a photoshoot as a replacement. Modelling is my job and primary means of living. A cancellation is very stressful for me because it means I will have an unpleasant loss of income. I hope for your responsible attitude and your understanding.